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US marketers are collecting lots of data but many are unsure what to do next

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A new study has revealed that US marketers are struggling to apply the copious amounts of data quality that they collate into useful information to benefit them in marketing campaigns.

Research carried out by Unica and reported be DMNews, has found that while 70 per cent of marketing professional believe data to be "very important" to their business, many are unsure what to do with it.

A total of 200 internet-based and direct marketers were questioned for the "State of Marketing 2010" report.

Jay Henderson, director of product marketing at Unica, explained to the website: "This proliferation of channels is creating a lot of data, but marketers don't always know what to do with this data."

"They have plenty of data and not enough insights, and they struggle to turn them into action."

Furthermore, the study highlighted that inbound marketing was being utilized by almost three-quarters of companies, with many using the results to personalize communications with potential customers.

Posted by Paul Newton