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US marketers look to 'up spend' in 2011

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A growing number of small business owners in the US are expected to increase their spend on marketing projects in 2011, new research has found.

The Ad-ology 2011 Small Business Marketing Forecast has found that many organizations are increasingly optimistic about the year ahead, with 46 per cent planning to up their outlay on marketing.

This figure has grown from just 29 per cent who planned to spend more in 2010.

Email marketing and company websites continue to be the most popular online marketing methods, but 45 per cent plan to do more with online video and 35 per cent said the same for mobile advertising.

Lee Smith, president and chief executive officer of Ad-ology Research, said: "These businesses are putting more resources into video and many of them are looking to jump in to mobile.

"[They are] becoming increasingly savvy on how to market with websites and social media and seem ready to try new ways to reach their customers."

Posted by Paul Newman