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US marketers must build up a successful brand

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers should focus their efforts on learning the preference, performance and premium aspects of their brand in order to improve their success, it has been claimed.

Writing for Target Marketing Magazine, expert Chad Giddings explained that it was important that companies established themselves as reputable traders in the marketplace by standing out from other businesses.

Mr Giddings revealed that in order to measure the success of a organization's brand, marketing professionals needed to assess their performance in terms of three areas, namely preference, performance and premium.

"Consumers choose a product initially based on the perceived value of that product or service in relation to other options," he wrote.

"Based on their experiences with that product or service [they] either choose to continue to have a relationship with it - buy it, use it, return to it again, mention it to others - over a period of time or not."

A recent article for DMNews suggested that businesses should ensure that consumers are able to engage with marketing content in order for it to be successful.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler