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US marketers see the benefit of Intelligent Mail®

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers looking to utilize Intelligent Mail in their direct mail campaigns were able to witness the advantages of the system during the National Postal Forum, it has been revealed.

An article by DMNews explained how the United States Postal Services (USPS®) had used the meeting to demonstrate the benefits of the service.

Taking advantage of the recent US Census, the postal service tracked hundreds of millions of forms sent out to households throughout the country before presenting the findings to the forum.

Thomas Day, senior vice president of Intelligent Mail and address quality at the USPS, explained the advantages of the system.

The news provider reported him as saying: "We could view the entire process - from individual pieces, the assembled loads, trucks from the Dallas printer and then throughout our system."

"We could see all the trucks being dispatched and we knew when the pieces were delivered on time."

Other services which USPS offers include its online address verification tool, which can be used to confirm address data and reduce the risk of returned mail.

Posted by Paul Newton