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US shoppers find eCommerce convenient

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A recent Nielsen survey demonstrated that customers believe strongly that they will have a more convenient shopping experience online than in person. The report found only 13 percent of survey respondents see buying in a physical store as the most convenient way to find a product.

Nielsen respondents named online shopping their overall favorite method of purchasing. It won the convenience and ease categories, trailing physical stores in safety and reliability. These numbers indicate a path that retailers could take going forward, already seen as convenient but with a need to prove their reliability.

A second survey by Jones Long LaSalle found that companies have taken the leap into online commerce. The research indicated that 92 percent of stores sell online in some capacity, while 68 percent operate physical stores. The switch has been rewarded with increased sales, as the survey found 80 percent of sellers have boosted their online sales in the past five years.

Making sure an ecommerce store is convenient and captures customer interest could come down to data quality. Connecting to customers online means electronic communication and outreach, all of which may be complicated by out-of-date or inconsistent data. Data quality tools represent a possible answer.