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US shoppers 'happier' with e-commerce sites

Rachel Wheeler Archive
According to the results of a news study, US consumers are slightly more satisfied with e-commerce sites this holiday season than they were last year.

A report released by Foresee Results Inc revealed that retail sites achieved a score of 73.7 for the Thanksgiving week, up slightly from 73.5 for the similar period last year.

For Thanksgiving weekend web sites achieved a 73.4 score, up from 73.2 last year, the organization added.

However, even small gains can mean more revenue for online retailers, with Foresee claiming that a one-point increase in satisfaction can lead to a nine per cent gain in annual revenue based on its data.

"In a struggling economy, retailers providing a great customer experience have more to gain because they'll be the best positioned to capture available market share when other retailers fail to meet customers' increasingly high standards and expectations," says Kevin Ertell, vice president of retail strategy at Foresee.

The customer satisfaction survey measured 136 retail web sites on a 100-point scale, looking at features as navigation, price, merchandise, product browsing and site performance.

Posted by Richard Jones