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Use of eCommerce technology 'must evolve'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Companies with an interest in eCommerce technology must constantly evolve alongside the social media landscape in order to profit from it, it has been claimed.

However, Tim Gibbon, director at Elemental, warned that organizations need to approach the social platform with a sense of pragmatism in order to ensure that their brand does not become diluted.

"Balance and realism in what social environments can achieve is important in that just because businesses may have a presence, may participate, it doesn't mean it will yield the results expected," he suggested.

"Indeed, quite the opposite can happen," Mr Gibbon claimed, insisting that some businesses using social media as an eCommerce technology which are unprepared for the changing platforms risk brand dilution.

His comments follow findings from a poll by Regus which revealed that many firms are turning to social media to win new business.

According to the survey, 43 per cent of US firms are successfully using the platforms to gain new customers, up eight percentage points from last year.

Posted by Richard Jones