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Use POS data and address management to learn more about customers

Paul Newman Archive

Personalization is at the forefront of marketing campaigns. With the assistance of customer relationship management systems and analytics tools, brands can learn more about their clients and send them highly targeted messages. The idea is that emails personalized with recipients' names and featuring products that match their preferences are more likely to stimulate action than general "spray and pray" campaigns. 

To refine contact lists and tap into demographic information for better segmentation, marketers should look into the information stored on their point-of-sale terminals, according to Resource Nation. The platforms contain data about consumers' payment information and purchasing histories that can help companies pinpoint characteristics of their average customers. Loyalty program information can further supplement that data by providing additional insight into purchasing behaviors. 

Tapping into new resources for customer information can help marketers get a wider view of the people to whom they are selling. The big picture approach to data enables users to craft a story about their buyers with an understanding of the factors that influenced their buying decisions in the past and will be influential in the future. 

Companies must also verify that all the information they are using is correct, lest the stories they created miss the mark and prove to be a waste of resources. Address management programs will confirm that all entries are accurate and up-to-date so marketers are using only information that has the strongest data quality