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Use 'ZIP Code software to go green'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
ZIP Code software can be used on the internet to find the best services in the area to give your house a "green makeover", it has been suggested.

With citizens around the country becoming more and more aware of their carbon footprint, finding companies that can do things such as seal up drafts in windows and doors and take away large appliances for recycling can both save consumers money and reduce their carbon footprint, according to a report in the Detroit Free Press.

Using search engines, consumers can "enter your ZIP Code [to find a] service provider [or] home energy audit," the news source said.

Similarly, to recycle appliances merely "enter your ZIP Code and type in what you want to get rid of and you'll get a list of drop-off stations and recycling centers for your area".

In addition, knowing local businesses that supply these services can provide users with piece of mind and a better price.