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Using big data to enhance security

Richard Jones Archive

Big data initiatives hold a lot of promise in helping organizations improve customer services, develop targeted marketing campaigns and even improve internal performance. What many decision-makers need to realize, however, is that these projects can also give them an advantage over the evolving risk landscape.

Today's cybercriminals are vicious and can easily circumvent many traditional perimeter defense tools still used to guard crucial assets. By using business intelligence and analytic solutions to their advantage, firms can create an intelligence-based security strategy that incorporates data quality into network protection, according to a report by EMC.

"Intelligence-driven security reinforces the idea that no man is an island. When organizations combine outside information with all of their own data that's available to them they start to see a more informed view of threats," said Eddie Schwartz of RSA, the security division of EMC.

A study by the Information Security Forum highlighted similar findings, noting that analyzing data enables firms to change security tactics to a more proactive stance. As the digital landscape expands, using resources to enhance protection will become even easier.