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USPS advises customers to 'not be too late' with cards

Rachel Wheeler Archive
USPS has advised its customers to not leave their holiday parcels, cards and mail too late if they wish to avoid the Christmas rush.

Fran Sansone, a USPS spokesperson in Richmond, Virginia, said that based on tradition "it is by far our busiest time of the year".

"We see a tremendous increase in the number of packages and letters during the next few weeks," she told the Suffolk News Herald.

USPS is expected to ship between 18 billion and 19 billion parcels, packages and items of mail over the holiday period.

The service issued the advice in order to make sure that customers do not miss out on sending important mail.

This was particularly meant for those who plan on utilizing USPS's new service for sending mail abroad to American soldiers fighting overseas.

According to the service, all mail bound for Iraq and Afghanistan should be sent by December 4th in order to make it there by Christmas.