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USPS® app is 'a must have'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The iPhone application developed by the United States Postal Service (USPS) is "a must have application for those who use the post," according to a technology reviewer.

Adding ZIP Code validation software, a tracking service and detailed layouts of local post offices and collection centers to the iPhone map, the application provides key services to those who post a lot of material, said the iSmash app reviewer.

The ZIP Code software available as part of the program, which allows users to verify the address of their package's destination, is also useful, the technology commentator said.

It added: "[The ZIP Code validation software] is perfect for mailing packages from different locations, especially in dense urban areas where you may not even know when you have jumped from one five digit sector to another."

Industry news source Presort recently reported that the rise in address validation within USPS has led to a decline in the amount of returned mail that the organization goes through every year.