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USPS® celebrates women's history month

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The United States Postal Service (USPS) in Wisconsin has selected 15 women who are to be honored for their services to the Milwaukee community.

It is set to take place at a 'Women Putting Their Stamp on Metro Milwaukee' awards luncheon to honor Women's History Month.

Several of the recipients are still young but all who have shown quality of character and commitment to areas of life in the city.

Charity contributors are also among the honored, with participants and directors of charitable foundations and community movements included in the USPS honouree list.

Community awards range from the likes of Leslie Myers, a project manager for charities such as Independence First and Disability Abuse Response Team, to Azeeza Islam, the associate artistic director.

Business leaders such as Chamness Group president Diane Chamness and media personalities such as WISN-TV's investigative reporter Colleen Henry will also be rewarded for their contributions to the community.

Two of USPS's own workers, Doralyn Wilson and Karen Matulis, will also be honored for their contributions to the service.