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USPS customers advised to avoid guessing ZIP Codes

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Customers planning to send parcels or packages in the coming weeks have been advised by the United States Postal Service (USPS) not to guess ZIP Codes, reports

Jon Buchholz, postmaster in Janesville, Wisconsin, advised people it is better to not use a ZIP Code at all than to write one on a package that may be incorrect.

He went on to say that customers should make sure address data is clearly written on the package or parcel and that the packaging itself is strong enough to protect whatever it is that is inside.

In addition, people could use specialist tape to wrap items, while all markings should be removed from boxes that might have been used before for something else, so as not to confusion as to where it is supposed to go.

In other news, residents in Belmont, Massachusetts, have been asked by their local post office in Concord Avenue to make sure their driveways are clear of debris and leaves in order to make it easier for postal workers to approach their doors and make deliveries, reports the Belmont Citizen-Herald.