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USPS: Customers sending to international destinations could go online

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Customers choosing to use the United States Postal Service's® (USPS®) website will find a series of savings and greater convenience when sending parcels to international destinations, the organization says.

Shipping supplies can be chosen for free, postage can be bought at reduced rates and packages can be picked up for free, with delivery to international destinations beyond Mexico and Canada available from $12.95.

In addition, services such as Global Express Guaranteed and Express Mail International offer special rates on business and time-sensitive packages for delivery around the world.

Pranab Shah, managing director and vice-president of global business for USPS, said: "Customers can fill out the required customs forms and print postage and address labels right from their computer."

USPS uses ZIP Codes to enhance address verification throughout the US, but the organization has called for customers only to use ZIP Codes if they are sure they have the correct one, according to a report in