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USPS® cuts number of offices still under review

Rachel Wheeler Archive
USPS has lowered the number of branches still under closure review again, with only 170 suburban and urban post offices still being considered for closure.

This marks the continuation of the postal services review process, which originally saw 3,300 branches and stations put under consideration.

The process focused on offices that were closely situated to each other, as USPS resolved to consolidate which branches could be closed without compromising on customer access to services, particularly in rural communities.

Steven J Forte, senior vice president of operations at USPS, said: "To shore up its finances, the Postal Service is looking at every aspect of its business to economize.

"Reducing over-capacity in retail and delivery operations is a smart business move. Every effort is being made to maintain and improve customer access to postal services."

The service currently has more than 36,000 branches around the country, with an additional 56,000 retail outlets selling stamps and other postage materials.