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USPS® expands recycling scheme

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The United States Postal Service (USPS) has announced the continued expansion of its recycling efforts.

According to officials from the postal service, 2009 saw more than 200,000 tons of papers, plastics and other waste materials recycled, which equates to a decrease of 1.67 million barrels of oil in emissions.

As well as undertaking efforts within the company, USPS officials are also encouraging their customers to recycle and to use measures like online address verification to check addresses before sending in order to minimize any waste to fuel that would be needed with returned mail.

Deborah Giannoni-Jackson, vice-president of Employee Resource Management at USPS said: "Lobby recycling helps divert paper waste from landfills, eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from solid waste disposal.

"In 2009, the Postal Service sold raw materials from recyclables, diverting them from landfills, making us greener and producing a positive impact on our bottom line."