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USPS® has issued advice on return addresses

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Ensuring that businesses have the correct information and positioning can be crucial when placing a return address on items of mail.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has issued guidance to make sure businesses are taking advantage of mail returns.

Currently, some returned mail is redirected using the Postal Automated Redirection System and as such it is important that information is displayed correctly and clearly on all items.

Having the right address data, including the five or nine-digit ZIP Code, in the top left hand corner of the mailpiece, will help the USPS make certain companies are getting prompt delivery of any of their returned mail.

The guidance states: "There are times when the return address is just as critical as the delivery address. To ensure that your mail is returned when undeliverable, use a complete and legible return address in the preferred location."

Companies may also want to use the Intelligent Mail® system to track mail and increase efficiency.