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USPS® honors famous artists

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The United States Postal Service (USPS) is to issue a set of commemorative stamps to celebrate the achievements of a collection of artists.

USPS will be honoring the group for pushing the country to the forefront of the international art scene with their various works, many of which will be recreated in stamp form.

Linda Kingsley, USPS senior vice president of Strategy and Transition, said the post service were proud to be able to offer the artists some form of tribute to recognize their work.

"These bold artists used art to express complicated ideas and primitive emotions in simplified, abstract form," she added.

"Although these stamps can't compare in size to their real-life canvases, they bring the passion and spirit of abstract expressionism to an envelope near you."

The Abstract Expressionists range will be available for a period of 60 days and in order to receive the stamps consumers should send off to their local post office ensuring that they put their address data on a stamped envelope.

Earlier this year, USPS released a set of commemorative stamps celebrating the work of famous naval personnel.

Posted by Richard Jones