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USPS® launches new system to improve its customer service

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The United States Postal Services (USPS) has reaffirmed its commitment to providing top quality customer service with the launch of a new system designed to measure satisfaction levels.

According to the postal service, its Customer Experience Measurement (CEM) scheme provides consumers with the opportunity to rate four of the company's offerings.

Feedback can be given regarding sending and receiving mail, visiting post offices and the level of service offered when seeking assistance.

Delores J. Killette, vice president of USPS, commented on the plan, claiming that it will help the postal service provide an improved customer experience.

"We will now be measuring and reporting on areas that really matter to our customers, and this information will help Postal Service managers take actions to improve service," she said.

Consumers looking to improve their experience with USPS may want to take advantage of some of the organization's other provisions, including the online address verification tool or Intelligent Mail® product.

In addition, USPS recently issued advice to consumers to alert them to the dangers of fraud.

Posted by Richard Jones