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USPS may install more computerized postal centers at Orange County

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Additional computerized postal centers may be installed by the United States Postal Service (USPS) in Orange County, California, to complement the existing 19 machines.

The more modern machines allow customers to buy postage and to mail packages, while also using zip code software to give people the opportunity to search addresses, reports the OC Register.

Installing more of the modern postal centers could replace traditional stamp vending machines, which have been phased out over the course of the last two years due to the cost of maintaining the older devices.

Richard Maher, a spokesman for USPS, told the website: "People are using less stamps these days. People pay their bills online more and they don't have the (same) need for stamps."

Mechanical parts for the older machines are becoming more difficult to track down and they lack profitability, so the 34 existing devices in Orange County could continue to dwindle.

The USPS recently renewed its international delivery alliance with FedEx Express, according to Logistics Management.