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USPS names country's most improved ZIP codes

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A list of ZIP codes in America that have generated a high number of jobs as a result of federal stimulus has been released by USPS and the federal government.

The list was compiled in terms of the federal stimulus and the number of newly-created jobs within a region or territory and can be searched through using the USPS's ZIP code verification software.

According to the list, territory 48933, which is for Michigan state capital Lansing, came top of the list.

The area has seen 17,966.9 jobs created, from $1,217,275,548 in government stimulus, according to statistics by the government's Recovery Act.

Agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack said: "The Obama administration is committed to revitalizing rural communities and bringing quality facilities such as hospitals, public buildings and community centers to small towns and cities that can benefit from new construction or upgrades to existing ones."

By state, California, Illinois Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Washington State all showed the highest generation of jobs through the federal stimulus.

Delaware, Wyoming, West Virginia and Vermont all showed the least growth.