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USPS offers flat rates for military overseas packages

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A series of flat rates and special offers are being provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS®) to people sending packages to relatives serving overseas in the military.

USPS charges domestic rates for packages with address data indicating overseas bases and is charging reduced rates on Priority Mail packages, while special offers can also be accessed by using the organization's online services, reports PR Newswire.

Packages sent to serving personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan are likely to be among more than 30 million pounds of mail that is sent from the US to military installations around the world in the lead-up to Christmas.

Gary Reblin, vice-president of expedited shipping for USPS, told the website: "Our large flat rate box gives customers shipping gifts to military personnel a simple, flat rate regardless of how much the package weighs or how far it's going. If it fits, it ships."

In related news, USPS is introducing cubic volume-based pricing for Priority Mail customers sending large volumes of commercial mail, which could encourage businesses to pack more efficiently.