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USPS® posts monthly improvements

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The United States Postal Service (USPS) has recorded improvements in its finances during December.

According to a Postal Regulatory Commission report, USPS had a net income of $179 million for the month and total mail volume increased by nine per cent.

In addition, the postal services' revenue increased by six per cent while its outgoings fell by two per cent.

Generally, December is a good month for USPS with holiday-related mail adding to its volumes.

The Courier, Express and Postal Observer predicts that in the coming year revenue and volume will exceed expectations and a recovery in advertizing spending will also be beneficial.

"This means that instead of having percentage declines in revenue in the mid to high single digits in 2010, the Postal Service could see a revenue decline of between zero and four per cent," it states.

As well as the 36,000 postal branches that USPS operates, their website also offers online services such as ZIP Code verification for users to be sure they are posting mail to the correct address.