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USPS® price hikes not welcomed by direct mailers

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers who utilize direct mail services are likely to be affected by the United States Postal Services' decision to raise prices.

A report by DMNews has highlighted the outcry from the industry following the proposed move, with many mailers vowing to fight the increase.

If the changes are accepted, catalog mailers can expect to experience postage increases of five per cent, while companies sending parcels face being hit with a massive 23 per cent rise.

USPS' decision comes in the wake of falling mail volumes and the need of the postal service to address its heavy losses.

"What is most unfortunate is that direct marketers will bear the brunt of the Postal Service's problems. It is in large part because the Postal Service does not control its own destiny," the article notes.

Meanwhile, organizations which run direct mail campaigns have been encouraged by the news provider to be more creative with their content in order to attract the attention of potential customers.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler