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USPS® proposes ten-year plan

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A scheme has been proposed by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to help combat the fall in mail volumes, it has been announced.

Cost-cutting measures and increased productivity are at the forefront of plans outlined by postmaster general John Potter.

The Postal Service analyzed revenue, volume and consumer trends before coming to any conclusions, examining numerous possible actions before drawing its ideas.

Mr Potter said that this was the ideal opportunity to make necessary changes to the postal service and although there would be no "quick fix" solution, transformations could help modernize the service.

Potter added: "If given the flexibility to respond to an evolving marketplace, the postal service will continue to be an integral part of the fabric of American life."

Proposed changes included the restructuring of retiree health benefits, adjusting delivery days, modest price increases and the introduction of new products.

Meanwhile, USPS already offers online services to its customers, who can use the ZIP Code verification tool to ensure mail gets delivered to the correct address and minimizes the chance of returned mail.