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USPS® requests PO Box reclassifications

Rachel Wheeler Archive
In a move that is designed to allow greater flexibility for its customers the United States Postal Service (USPS) has requested that it is able to change the designation of some of its Post Office (PO) Boxes.

Under the terms of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act 2006, USPS has its services split into monopoly and competitive categories, depending on its market share.

Currently, PO Boxes are considered to be monopoly products and as such have had a price cap placed on them in line with inflation, the move forms part of the Postal Service's plan to cut spending and increase productivity.

Robert F Bernstock, president of Mailing and Shipping Services, explained: "Success in the marketplace demands speed and flexibility."

"Moving some PO Boxes into the competitive product category will give the Postal Service greater flexibility to meet the emerging needs of customers and to respond more quickly to changing market dynamics."

USPS mail customers can take advantage of the company's online services such as ZIP Code verification to ensure they are posting mail to the correct address.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler