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USPS seeks to prove direct mail’s effectiveness

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US-based direct mailers may be interested to learn about a new promotion being run by the United States Postal Services (USPS).

As USPS looks to increase its market share, boost revenue and prove that the direct mailing medium is still alive and well, it has launched a new program to demonstrate the medium’s effectiveness, Post and Parcel reports.

Known as Mail Works Guarantee, the initiative will provide advertisers that mail between 500,000 and one million direct mail pieces over the course of two years a postage refund of up to $250,000 if their campaigns don't meet set objectives.

To be eligible for the program, however, companies will have to spend at least $250 million on advertising per year, but with only 0.36 percent making up direct mail efforts.

"Targets might include an increase in store traffic for large retailers, an increase in web traffic for ecommerce companies or an increase in sales for a product or goods supplier," the news provider explained.

Posted by Paul Newman