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USPS selling Hallmark greetings cards

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Hallmark greetings cards are the latest product available to buy from local United States Postal Service (USPS) post offices as part of a year-long trial run.

Cards with birthday and 'get well soon' messages are now available at 1,500 different post offices, with residents of Washington, DC, able to buy them at L'Enfant Plaza and various locations throughout Virginia and Maryland.

Greetings cards remain a profitable business in America, with US residents receiving 20 every year, and this results in annual revenue of nearly $8 billion.

Robert F Bernstock, president of mailing and shipping services for the USPS, said: "If we can get some energy behind greeting cards, which are incredibly linked to the mail, what better place to sell them and merchandise them than at our post offices?"

A third of greetings cards sent to people each year are for birthdays and the USPS plans to use the product to increase its retail sales by as much as 40 per cent.

The USPS says it website receives 438 million visits every year, according to the North Fort Myers Neighbor.