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USPS to close fewer branches

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The postal service has announced that more branches are to stay open than previously expected.

In a statement earlier this week, USPS said that it would be keeping an additional 241 post offices open.

The agency said that the move is part of an ongoing effort to aid customer satisfaction and access to services.

Steven J Forte, senior vice-president of operations at USPS, said that "every effort is being made to maintain and improve customer access to postal services".

USPS has been continually cutting back the number of offices earmarked for closure as the service examines its 36,000 locations around the country.

In September, the number stood at 413 before being dropped to 371 offices last month.

USPS also said that it would be looking into new streams of revenue and into increasing the number of separate locations that stock postage and packaging materials and stamps, which currently stands at 56,000 supermarkets and other stores around the country.