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USPS® to help Haiti

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The United States Postal Service (USPS) will be sending postal inspectors to the disaster-stricken island of Haiti to help restore the nation's postal service.

Nearly 20 pallets of water have also been sent over by the service, which is coordinating private aid that is sent by mailers to charities as well as working to secure medical supplies for the island.

Postal inspectors are regularly sent to areas of the US that have been affected by fires, tornadoes or other disasters, in order to help them re-establish their mailing systems, validating delivery points and sorting through the wealth of mail left which needs to be sent and returned.

Chief postal inspector William R Gilligan Jr highlighted the fact that a viable postal sector is "critical to any nation's economic stability".

He added: "Members of the Universal Postal Union all are playing a role in rebuilding the Haitian Postal System.

"It is tremendous to see the world community come together and respond to the crisis in Haiti. We are proud to stand with our domestic and international partners to do our part to help rebuild the Haitian Postal System."