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USPS® to trial electric post trucks

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The United States Post Office (USPS) is to continue in its efforts to reduce its eco-footprint, it has been reported.

According to an article by the Washington Post, the service it to begin trialling a fleet of electrically powered trucks in the country's capital city.

USPS currently operates the largest vehicle fleet in the world with some 142,000 delivery trucks in operation.

Gerald Connolly introduced a bill earlier this month that would fund 109,500 electric vehicles.

"This, to me, would be a very productive thing and ... likely to produce jobs and revitalize an industry," Connolly told the news provider.

A way in which USPS customers could help reduce emissions is by going online and using the company's online address verification to check addresses to minimize any wasted fuel caused by returned mail.

This month (March), postmaster general John Potter outlined proposals for dramatic changes to be made to the Postal Service to combat falling mail volumes.