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USPS website receives 438m visits in a year

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The United States Postal Service's (USPS) website received 438 million visits through the course of 2008, according to the organization.

It is the government website that is visited most frequently and through 2008 averaged around 1.2 million visits each day, while the ZIP Code Lookup function was the most popular area as people searched for address data, reports the North Fort Myers Neighbor.

Revenue from the website's Postal Store came to $442 million in 2008 and customers can now choose to receive monthly bills for payments they make through the store, whether they are buying stamps, stationary or other items.

Customers are also able to change their personal address data on the website if they are moving house, while moving services can also be booked online.

The USPS recently announced it is extending its Global Express Guaranteed service to Hawaii, where customers will have the option of sending parcels and packages to more than 190 countries around the world from seven different locations, according to a report from Logistics Management.