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USPS®'s tips to shipping in 2010

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Taking advantage of some of the services offered by the US postal service could save you time and money in the new year.

Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes, which eliminate the need to for weighing packages under 70 lbs, are highlighted as a great way to simplify both business and personal shipping in 2010.

Gary Reblin, vice president of Expedited Shipping at USPS, said "This New Year's, make a resolution to simplify your shipping with Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes. Using Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes, you can lose the scale and ship for one low rate to any state."

Other ways highlighted by USPS to save customers money include utilising the service's available on their website, which allows consumers to print their shipping labels and pay for postage without needing to head down to a post office.

USPS also offer free package pickup, where postal workers will pick up packages when delivering mail, regardless of number and with no extra charge.

The service also recently announced its new range of stamps for the new year, which include images of Hollywood legend Katherine Hepburn, Nobel Prize honouree Mother Theresa and a stamp honouring the players of the Negro Baseball League, which operated in the US from 1920 to about 1960.