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Utilities companies look to improve data collection

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data collection is growing in importance within the utilities industry as companies strive to collate even more information it has been suggested.

According to an article by Venture Beat, the need for better grid data is needed for organizations to give faster and more accurate readings and more refined forecasts.

The news may lead to a number of utilities companies also looking to invest in data quality solutions to ensure that the information they are collection is correct.

Venture Beat suggested that organizations may want to start looking at how virtualization could aid their data collection habits.

"Right now, it takes utilities days just to process the data they're currently getting from their grids. But imagine if utilities start storing and processing this data in the cloud," the news provider questioned.

The article was published just before the GreenBeat conference taking place later this month at Stamford University which will look at investment opportunities in energy grids in the US.

Posted by Paul Newman