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Utilities companies try to 'offer more' from call centers

Rachel Wheeler Archive
As the business environment changes and customers become more demanding, US utilities companies are looking to make their call centers as functional as possible.

Regulatory issues and rising energy costs are increasingly impacting on customer satisfaction and experience levels, reports.

To reduce the effects that these can have on an organization’s reputation, utilities need to ensure their frontline agents are educated, customer-focused and proactive.

Writing for the news provider, Dina Vance, senior vice-president of Ulysses Learning, explained that these best-practice guidelines need to be implemented within call centers.

"Through on-target training, coaching and leadership development, utilities will be equipped to handle the changes taking place in the energy marketplace and seize the day in terms of customer satisfaction," Ms Vance noted.

She added that there are now two key roles which should be fulfilled within call centers, with traditional customer service agents having to learn and employ a more longer-term, proactive approach with customers.

Meanwhile, a recent study by Siegal & Gale recently claimed that customers are prepared to pay a premium for brands that they believe offer a better customer experience.

Posted by Paul Newman