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Utilities providers must manage data for analytics

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The services that utilities providers give their customers can be easily quantified. There are a variety of data points streaming into companies at all times. With proper monitoring systems, those providers can add that information to data analytics systems and discover efficiency usage cases.

Intelligent Utility reported that the Utility Analytics Institute's recent webcast illuminated the possibilities of analytics in the utility field and the data management practices needed to achieve effective performance with the systems. UAI director Christine Richards stated that data can eventually deliver insights into new processes capable of changing a business at the base level.

According to the source, the UAI's two industry experts, one from a small company and one from an industry giant, both urged analytics aspirants to budget for data quality efforts. They noted that projects without data management capabilities can be short on immediate, positive results. Such a failure could cause executives to shut down projects.

The sheer amount of data coming into utilities providers could be daunting. According to Computer Weekly, more companies than ever are deploying smart meter technology. These devices have replaced the once monthly meter reading with a constant stream of accurate usage data, which could be helpful with the right analytics systems and daunting without.