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Utilities providers must monitor quality of data

Paul Newman Archive
Utilities providers are often named among those with strong usage cases for analytics software. According to a recent Intelligent Utility report, these companies can analyze both their own power grids and the behavior of their customers. These approaches may rely on data quality, the source noted.

The news provider suggested that checking data integrity once is a good practice, but ensuring it stays strong is the key to long-term success. Remaining committed to keeping archives in line and not abandoning information means it will not come back to haunt users.

Another worrying trend for utility providers is the fact that they may be starting from a position of weakness. The source explained that some of the data these companies already have under their control is of questionable quality. Several utilities providers have already come forward to admit that they have problems with information integrity and have taken steps to amend these shortcomings.

Having strong data could be a building block of analytics, no matter the industry. According to TechTarget, business intelligence expert Wayne Eckerson stated that firms should ensure their data is in its complete form and still relevant when they use it.