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Verification software can help with customer retention, expert claims

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses have been told to ensure they make certain customers are viewed as their most valuable asset, DM News has reported.

Speaking to the news provider, David Northridge, vice-president of client retention at Experian QAS, has recommended that organizations look to leverage relationships with existing customers for "up-selling and cross-selling opportunities".

Indeed, the expert suggested that while loyalty programs have clear and detailed benefits, it is important to ensure that they contain accurate contact data for analysis and communication.

"Inaccurate data plagues many businesses. It is challenging to correct these problems in one environment and businesses today collect contact data in multiple channels, including websites, call centers, handwritten forms and at the point of sale," he said.

As such, Mr Northridge states that organizations should take advantage of address verification software, which will reduce the number of errors made when inputting data.

"Verification software tools ensure that an e-mail address is properly formatted, a phone number has a matching area code, or an address is deliverable," the expert confirmed.

Posted by Richard Jones