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Video content is the 'crown jewel' of email marketing

Rachel Wheeler Archive
If companies are using email marketing for business to business purposes, they could benefit from including video content, it has been claimed.

Writing for, Craig Wax, the chief executive officer of Invodo, said that the challenge of email marketing is in achieving high open rates and then getting customers to follow this through by clicking a link or subscribing.

"Email marketers looking to improve their click-through rate should use video. If content is king when it comes to email marketing, video content is the crown jewel," he explained.

Mr Wax said that consumers are already interested when they open an email and it depends on the content as to whether or not that interest is developed or lost, with videos more likely to naturally spark the curiosity of a reader.

Recently, Stefan Drew, marketing consultant and founder of Stefan Drew Associates, claimed that direct marketing can also be a very effective tool.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler