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Virtual data management 'is more agile'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Using flexible virtual data management processes can help small organizations launch more quickly and with fewer costs involved, it has been claimed.

According to Alex Evans, editorial director and co-chair of the National Business Awards, new small businesses have embraced emerging technology such as virtualisation, allowing them to "hit the ground running" when they open.

The Orange National Business Awards finalists were announced this week, with a significant increase in the proportion of smaller businesses nominated, many of which have been running for less than two years.

"There's a high proportion of [small] businesses recognized this year because their growth has been so impressive. Obviously the difference between a small business and a really large business is that they're more agile and the initial stages of growth are more aggressive," Mr Evans explained.

He added that the way in which virtual processes allow firms to link data management, customer service and production systems across the country, easily and inexpensively has made a huge impact on smaller organizations.

Posted by Richard Jones