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Virtualization is 'greener and more efficient'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Virtualization could make records management systems and servers greener and more efficient, it has been claimed.

Ian Osborne, product director at Intellect, said that the process is becoming more popular as it allows businesses to have greater levels of flexibility with their records management, including the options to scale up or down processes.

His comments follow a survey by Veeam software's V-Index website of 544 organizations in the UK, US, France and Germany, which found that 39.4 per cent had virtualized their servers.

"Virtualization is a very popular way of [making] more efficient use of resources," he explained.

Mr Osborne also said that the process will make businesses more environmentally-friendly, as it will cut down the amount of power they are using.

"Some of the very old servers basically sat idle virtually running at full power – modern servers don't do that, but they don't scale up by massive amounts either," he said.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler