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Virtualization's effect on data quality 'is being overlooked'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Many businesses are now using virtualized networks as part of their data management processes, but few have properly addressed quality issues, it is claimed.

According to a study by California firm Ventana Research, 43 per cent of companies currently have three or more systems working from a virtualized network.

The number of groups using cloud-based applications may even reach 66 per cent in the next year.

However, David Menninger, vice president and research director at Ventana and author of the report, told that the process around these services are not fully developed, and many have overlooked what impact virtualization is having on the quality of their data.

"You could say [enterprises] jumped into the deep end and now they need to learn how to swim," he added.

According to David Howard-Jones, a partner at global consultancy firm Oliver Wyman, poor data quality costs insurers and financial services firms ten to 20 per cent of their operating profits.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler