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Washington police lose addresses

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A woman in Washington who called the police to report a noise near her home found that the service was unable to respond the call because they had no record of her address.

According to, Robin Rohr's home was annexed in January from Pierce County to the City of Puyallup, when the city changed some street names but lost the address data.

"I was glad that it wasn't an instance that my family needed emergency help," she told the news provider.

"A lot of people are annexed in and it's not just a concern for me but for them too."

The broadcaster went on to say that Pierce County authorities are now going to perform an audit of the entire annexed area to make sure their data is correct.

Earlier this week, reported that police in Nebraska have been unable to trace a driver who caused a fatal hit-and-run accident because his car was registered to a bogus address.