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Web retailers told to research their customer base

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Researching a customer base is vital for any online firm, according to a leading marketing expert.

As companies look to develop their brand, an accurate profile of the typical consumer using the firm's services can be an invaluable tool for online marketing.

Ray Jones, head of marketing and communications at the Chartered Institute of Marketing, says that companies need to focus on segmenting their market by researching their existing customers and providing better services based on their needs.

Mr Jones goes on to explain that this is especially important as companies look to use social media as a marketing tool, as understanding the consumer is key to addressing complaints and queries effectively.

"Through social media, your customers and potential customers are taking serious buying advice from total strangers, so you had better address any feedback quickly," he added.

Research from Gartner suggests that over 50 per cent of web sales will be generated through social media sites and mobile apps by the year 2015.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler