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Website tech updates keep businesses 'ahead of the competition'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Improving website technology is an effective way of keeping up with competitors in an increasingly competitive online retailing sector, it has been suggested.

This is the view of Aiden Fitzpatrick, IT director at cycle and sports retailer Wiggle, who believes that the expanding e-commerce market is reliant on continued change to keep organizations ahead of the competition.

His comments come in the wake of an announcement that the firm will be upgrading its website security and performance.

"As we capture new customer bases around the world, the only way to compete with domestic offerings is to ensure that we are equally as fast in our ability to serve our customers," Mr Fitzpatrick said.

"With the ecommerce market expanding year on year, the ever increasing proliferation of online businesses means we have to have technology that works harder to keep us ahead of the competition."

Meanwhile, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Rob Enderle, of technology consultancy firm Enderle Group, claimed that organizations who fail to regularly update and change their website technology face falling behind and going out of business.

Posted by Richard Jones