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Websites are key to online marketing

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses that use email marketing for business to business purposes do not take the importance of websites as seriously as they should, according to an expert.

Writing for, Marcus Holder from 1house, a marketing firm, claimed that the first thing people turn to these days is the company website.

"Therefore, a company website may be the potential customers' first impression of your business – and we all understand how first impressions last! It is shocking how many websites you see that display out of date information," he said.

Mr Holder added that many organizations seem to think that the hard work on a website is in its creation, however keeping it up to date and engaging requires far more effort.

His comments were supported by Mike Seddon, founder of, who claimed that having a website is "vital" to the integrity of a business.

He explained that many customers will be sceptical of the credentials of a business without one.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler