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Weigh up customer satisfaction and cost-saving, businesses told

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses have been urged not to overlook customer satisfaction in pursuit of cost savings.

This is according to an article by, which noted that a growing number of organizations are looking to move their call center operations offshore to reduce maintenance costs.

The report explained that customers appreciate having local telecommunications providers, as they can establish a more long-term relationship with them.

"Domestic call center services provide a competitive edge to providers who value the overall customer experience as a way to evaluate company performance," the article said.

In addition, this localism can help foster a culture of customer retention.

"Playing a part in the local community is important for many of the smaller telecommunications companies and many pride themselves on being active, supportive members of the community," the article added.

It follows research by the Aberdeen Group which suggested that businesses must ensure that their customer contact centers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Posted by Paul Newman