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Welcome mail helps drive transaction rates, Experian says

Rachel Wheeler Archive
New research has found that companies sending welcome emails to new customers are able to drive transaction rates nine times higher than through bulk mailings.

The news may inspire a number of marketing professionals to look to see how address verification software can help them with their campaigns.

According to a study by Experian, a welcome email initiative for customers should be considered an essential component of any sophisticated email program.

The organization found that the revenue gathered per email is eight times higher and transaction rates are nine times higher than for other bulk mailings.

“Most companies understand the importance of welcome emails, but we find that many don’t prioritize optimization of these campaigns. Welcome emails should be more than an obligatory contact,” said Rachel Bergman, general manager and senior vice president, Experian CheetahMail.

“They are a means to engage with prospective customers when their propensities to open, click and transact are at peak levels.”

Posted by Paul Newman