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Well-managed data, compliance and ROI go together

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A recent Aberdeen report found that companies that keep their data in a manner consistent with industry regulations are also driving return on investment. While a certain level of data quality and upkeep is needed for a base level of compliance, the report highlighted methods companies can use to achieve better control over their data and simultaneously improve revenue.

The study stated that companies are heavily focused on making sure information is under control and highly visible. Integrating big data with traditionally stored figures and effectively archiving and disposing of data are other key interactions. Top-performing companies in information management saw reduced compliance costs as well as the advantages inherent in accurate data.

Data quality tools could ease a company's data management procedures. Sorting information effectively can hinge on that data's accuracy. Incorrect records could subvert even well-managed data warehousing processes from within.

Making sure IT systems are compliant with industry regulations is an important step in the modern workplace, but one where companies sometimes struggle. Dark Reading revealed that some companies can find themselves trapped by a variety of outdated legacy systems purchased specifically for compliance reasons. Such miscalculations make it easy to waste money chasing compliance objectives.